WEI Research Events


In the spirit of industry-academic collaboration, WEI proudly host several Research events, extending invitations to academic students and researchers to be part of our industry conferences held throughout the year. The events provide students and researchers with the opportunity to share their findings and connect with key industry stakeholders.


WEI Research Events feature three unique gatherings:


Research Poster Event at the WEI Annual Conference, 30th-31st January 2024: 

As part of our Annual Conference, WEI offers a dedicated Research Poster Room where third-level students from various institutions across Ireland can exhibit their projects. This space allows them to share their research findings and discuss them with industry and their peers.

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Thesis in Three at the WEI Offshore Conference, 2nd-3rd May 2024: 

At the WEI Offshore Conference, third-level students have the chance to compete on stage through the "Thesis in Three" event. Participants are required to present their research within a concise timeframe of three minutes. This competition encourages students to effectively communicate their research ideas and results.

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Research & Innovation Stage at the WEI Trade Show, 6th-7th November 2024: 

At WEI's Trade Show, the Research & Innovation stage provides a platform for both industry and academia to showcase their innovative projects and cutting-edge research. It presents a valuable opportunity for the participants to disseminate their research work. The WEI Trade Show also offers free entrance to third level students, allowing them to experience what the Irish Wind industry has to offer.


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Who Can Apply?

  • All third-level students are welcome to participate. This includes undergraduate, master's, doctoral students, and post-doctoral researchers.
  • We encourage submissions from all disciplines, including engineering, economics, social sciences, and environmental sciences.


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