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WEI Research is seeking partners for collaboration in National & EU level projects in areas of energy, climate and the environment.

At WEI, we're more than just project partners; we're your strategic allies for success. We specialise in effective communication, wide-reaching dissemination, and successful engagement, all designed to maximize our project's impact.

WEI is committed to delivering personalised support, recognising the individuality of each project. Whether you require a full suite of services or select assistance, we're here to collaborate and ensure our project reaches its full potential. Reach out to us today to begin our partnership towards achieving our project's objectives.


Empowering Projects with WEI's Expertise

Application Writing

We get involved from the start in identifying funding opportunities and collaborating with partners to develop and shape a successful application.

Project Brand Toolkit

We create a unique and resonating project toolkit for all our projects. This includes, project logo, colours & guidelines and project templates for documents and presentations.

Communication, Dissemination & Engagement Plan

We develop individual plans for each project, identifying key stakeholders and the the most efficient and effective channels to use through the project life-cycle. 

Events, Workshops & Webinars

We plan, organise and execute project events, workshops and webinars to engage & collaborate with the project’s key stakeholders to ensure the project has a long-term sustainable future.

Online Presence

We excel at crafting dynamic online presences for research projects, leveraging our expertise in social media, websites, and email. Our tailored strategies ensure maximum exposure and attention, fostering meaningful engagement.

Unparalleled Industry Access

Leveraging our exceptional access to key industry players in the Irish market through our committees and working groups, we ensure our projects gains visibility among the industry's most influential stakeholders.

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Our Partners

Meet Our Current Project Partners: We've been alongside them, from the initial application stage all the way through to project implementation. Now, it's your turn to join the ranks – let's add your logo next!