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The T-shore Project


The offshore wind industry in Europe is growing rapidly, but it faces a significant challenge: a skills gap that threatens to slow down its expansion and limit its potential. The lack of qualified workers and standardized training programmes has created a skills gap that threatens the industry's ability to compete globally.

T-shore is an innovative project that aims to address these challenges head-on. We are a consortium of thirteen partners from five European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Norway & The Netherlands) who have come together to develop training programmes, a training library, and centres of vocational excellence (CoVEs) to provide workers with the skills and competencies they need to succeed in the offshore wind industry.

Our goal is to create a skilled workforce that is equipped to meet the needs of the industry today and in the future. By developing tailored training programmes and establishing CoVEs across the EU, we will provide workers with the hands-on training and technical expertise they need to succeed. Through industry collaboration, we will ensure that the training programmes and CoVEs meet the needs of employers in the offshore wind industry.

T-shore presents a significant opportunity for job creation and economic growth in Europe. By developing a skilled workforce, European companies will be able to compete in the global market and increase their market share. Moreover, our project will help to promote economic growth in the regions where offshore wind energy is being developed.

But T-shore is more than just a training programme. It's a collaborative effort that brings together industry stakeholders, training providers, and educational bodies to foster industry collaboration and ensure that the training programs and CoVEs meet the needs of employers in the offshore wind industry.

Together, the T-shore project partners are working to create a sustainable future for the offshore wind industry in Europe, one that is built on a skilled and competent workforce, thriving companies, and a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Project Duration

June 2022 - June 2026


T-shore sees the possibility to become a regional lighthouse and a vocational centre securing development of vocational education to support the offshore renewable energy market as well focusing on new green competence demand in relation to this order to support the green power transition Europe is undergoing. Under the umbrella of VET and training of global competences, T-shore will seek to address the following challenges:

  1. The need to upscale / re-skill and design new teaching and training programs to meet demands for the fast-growing offshore renewable energy market.
  2. The need for new business models, better private/public cooperation between VET training and education providers and the industry creating sustainable new business models with focus on infrastructure for new VET learning.
  3. The need for international cooperation among VET providers in the offshore field to combine expertise; together we can accomplish much more.
  4. The need to understand which new green job profiles are needed in relation to offshore and the link to new technologies connected directly to the offshore renewable energy market.
Goals of T-shore

The main project goals are:

  1. Development and creation of a European network of VET schools and VET training centers in offshore wind energy.
  2. The establishment of strong links between businesses and VET providers and combining these stakeholders to meet the industry’s real skills and training needs.
  3. Defining a range of new competency profiles and developing advanced digital and evidence based educational training methods and materials in a work-based learning environment.
Work Packages

WP1: Project management & Coordination
WP2: Researching skill and training needs of the industry
WP3: Develop education and training content and curriculum
WP4: Develop learning scenarios and education programmes
WP5:Network, Governance, and Sustainability
WP6: Impact and evaluation.
WP7: Communication & Dissemination

Work Package No Deliverable No Deliverable Name Lead Beneficiary
WP1 D1 Project partner agreements Skilliant
WP1 D2 GANTT chart Skilliant
WP1 D3 QMP and PHB Skilliant
WP1 D4 Reports Skilliant
WP1 D25 Progress Report for EACEA after one year Skilliant
WP1 D26 Progress Report for EACEA after 3 years Skilliant
WP2 D5 Report skills analysis POM WVL
WP2 D6 Report training offer POM WVL
WP2 D7 Report Training POM WVL
WP3 D8 Learning Module Library Scalda
WP3 D9 Programm of requirements Scalda
WP3 D10 Training Modules Scalda
WP4 D11 Workshop report Fagsko Rogaland
WP4 D12 Learning Scenario Fagsko Rogaland
WP4 D13 List of current infrastructure Fagsko Rogaland
WP4 D14 Modules EU enrolment Fagsko Rogaland
WP5 D15 Established regional Centers of Vocational Excellence. NOORDERPOORT
WP5 D16 One established entity for the POVE NOORDERPOORT
WP5 D17 One platform consisting of a digital and human component: NOORDERPOORT
WP6 D18 Impact and evaluation strategy PBT
WP6 D19 Impact report (2) PBT
WP6 D20 Peer reviews PBT
WP7 D21 Communication & Dissemination Plan WindEnergyIre
WP7 D22 Communication & Dissemination Interface WindEnergyIre
WP7 D23 Communication & Dissemination Materials WindEnergyIre
WP7 D24 Coordination of targeted project events and networking opportunities WindEnergyIre
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