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The AMS-FLOW Project

Anchor and mooring selection for FLOW

The project aims to contribute to Ireland's Climate Action Plan by developing and implementing offshore renewable energy projects, specifically focusing on floating offshore wind (FLOW) technology. The project seeks to address various technical challenges associated with scaling up FLOW installations, such as understanding met ocean conditions, optimizing mooring and export cable performance, and exploring emerging anchoring technologies.

The project's key objectives include developing a method to quantify combined wind and wave conditions, designing an innovative mooring arrangement utilizing domestic materials and technology, conducting testing on emerging anchoring systems, creating a techno-economic model for installation, assessing environmental impacts, and developing an early-stage decision toolkit. The project aims to go beyond the state of the art, particularly in the first stage, by introducing novel methods and arrangements for characterization and testing.

The anticipated impact of the project is to enhance confidence in the offshore renewable energy sector by providing high-quality experimental data. The results and deliverables of the project will be made available to various stakeholders, including FLOW developers, the domestic supply chain, marine technology companies, policy makers, and public bodies.

Project Duration

March 2024 - February 2027

  1. Develop and define a novel method to characterise quantitatively combined wind and wave conditions, with reference to an exemplar FLOW system
  2. Design a cost-effective mooring arrangement less reliant on steel chain, validating fibre/synthetic rope and load reduction device that meets the loading resistance required
  3. Carry out numerical modelling (Plaxis) on the performance of emerging anchoring systems
  4. Anchoring - new experimental data on emerging types/novel design
  5. Parametric study to identify the optimal geometries required for anchor systems in different soil conditions using numerical models in this application
  6. Techno-economic model of combined mooring and anchor combinations
  7. Assess the impact of adopting new mooring and anchoring technologies to the broader (installation, vessels, environment) FLOW project
  8. Develop an early-stage decision tool kit based on anchor, mooring and topside loading data (excel tool, tabulated performance indicators and guidelines). This toolkit will also integrate results factoring in costings, environmental and installation considerations

Work Package 0 | Project Management | ATU

WP0-D1: Project Management Plan including budget, project risk register, mitigation, minutes of meetings

WP0-D2: Progress & Financial Reporting

Work Package 1 |  Novel Metocean analysis method | UCC

WP1-D1: Preliminary Metocean Conditions datasheetWP1-D2: Preliminary Metocean Loading reportWP1- D3: Hydrodynamic-Structural Interaction Report

Work Package 2 | Mooring design and development | DOT

WP2-D1: Design Basis
WP2-D2: Preliminary Mooring & Anchor Load Tables
WP2-D3: Final Mooring & Anchor Load Tables
WP2-D4: Mooring Design Report
WP2-D5: Fluid /Structure/ Mooring Interaction Validation Datasets

Work Package 3 | Numerical modelling | ATU

WP4-D1: produce sediment strata and classification data
WP4-D2: results from Phase 1 – main numerical test programme.
WP4-D1: Phase 2 – Specific optimisation results/data best performing optimise anchor(s)

Work Package 4 | Advanced Physical modelling | ATU

WP4-D1: Phase 1 test results report
WP4-D2: optimisation report in testing to best performing optimise anchor(s)

Work Package 5 | Techno-Economic modelling and analysis | Exceedence

WP5-D1: Non-confidential Case Study of the techno-financial work conducted (task 1-3)
WP5-D2: technical note on dashboard

Work Package 6 | Broader FLOW considerations | ATU

WP1-D1: Moorings & anchor installation storyboards
WP1-D2: Moorings & anchor environmental assessment report

Work Package 7 | Early-stage toolkit to assist anchoring & mooring selection | ATU

WP7-D1: reports on data from WP1, 2,3& 4
WP7-D2: tabulated data
WP7-D3: early-stage anchor and mooring section tool
WP7-D4: Guidelines for the user of the early-stage anchor and mooring section tool in excel.

Work Package 8 | Communication and dissemination | WEI

WP8-D1: Communication & Dissemination toolkit.
WP8-D2: Stakeholder engagement plan
WP8-D3: Steering Group Established
WP8-D4: Dissemination of work package Deliverables
WP8-D5: Publish final project report

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Our Funding Body

This project has been supported with financial contribution from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland under the SEAI Research, Development & Demonstration Funding Programme 2023, Grant number 23/RDD/938



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